New xoVain post: Makeup Tips for the Pale

Pale people! Put down the bronzer. Lean into your paleness. A world of alabaster beauty awaits you–you just need to adjust your routine a little. And when I say “need to”, I mean it’s completely optional and you can do whatever you want.

PS: I will be describing my skintone as “hot buttered biscuit” from now on.


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How to Cope – Perfume Edition

How to cope with wanting a perfume you can’t afford

” … inspired by the French 75 cocktail, Cédrat Enivrant is for lovers of lemon and gin notes.”

Step 1) Go to the liquor store

Step 2) Find a small bottle of St. Germaine.

Step 3) Find a bottle of champagne.

Step 4) Drink St. Germaine and champagne cocktails until the St. Germaine bottle is empty. Put the bottle on your dresser and pretend it’s full of a nice perfume. Are the bottles similar? No! Do they both make me feel fancy? YES.



Why is every company releasing a million highlighters this summer?

Are we all supposed to own 9 different highlighters now?

Is this contouring’s fault? Did it happen because contouring’s so big now? You guys all know that contouring palettes come with highlighters in them, right?

Or are we now making highlighters for every skin color? Because that would be nice.

But seriously, why does everyone want to look shiny all the time? My skin’s natural state is shiny as hell.  And highlighter makes my skin look like an orange peel.