Selling Used Makeup: I’ll sell, but I won’t buy

New xoVain post:¬†I’ve Been Selling My Gently Used Makeup, But I’m Not Sure I’d Buy Someone Else’s


Lately, I’ve been using Vain to chronicle¬†my adventures in decluttering. In January, it occurred to me that selling stuff was even more fun than giving it away. So I started selling clothes, books … and barely-used makeup.


Do your makeup like a show dog

New xoVain post: how to do your makeup like the CJ, the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club’s Fancy Dog Beauty Pageant.

CJ is a very pretty dog with lots of spots, so I did a look with chocolate eyeshadow and drawn-on freckles. Remember, people, I’m not a makeup artist. I’m a librarian with a lot of makeup, an internet connection and a little too much free time.


This is not CJ. This is a dog that I forced to model for me in a parking lot in Palm Springs. He snuffled all over my fancy Charlotte Tilbury palette and now I’m afraid to use it.