Selling Used Makeup: I’ll sell, but I won’t buy

New xoVain post: I’ve Been Selling My Gently Used Makeup, But I’m Not Sure I’d Buy Someone Else’s


Lately, I’ve been using Vain to chronicle my adventures in decluttering. In January, it occurred to me that selling stuff was even more fun than giving it away. So I started selling clothes, books … and barely-used makeup.


Do your makeup like a show dog

New xoVain post: how to do your makeup like the CJ, the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club’s Fancy Dog Beauty Pageant.

CJ is a very pretty dog with lots of spots, so I did a look with chocolate eyeshadow and drawn-on freckles. Remember, people, I’m not a makeup artist. I’m a librarian with a lot of makeup, an internet connection and a little too much free time.


This is not CJ. This is a dog that I forced to model for me in a parking lot in Palm Springs. He snuffled all over my fancy Charlotte Tilbury palette and now I’m afraid to use it.