New Vain post: Me, My Mom, and Color Me Beautiful

I wrote a mother’s day tribute to my mom about our family’s obsession with the classic 80s “color system”, Color Me Beautiful. You know, the one that divided everyone into seasons and winters got to wear all the best colors? My mom and I used to disagree on colours all the time, and it was totally this book’s fault.


I don’t think I really captured the drama of our fights in this post, but I didn’t want to write something that would hurt my mom’s feelings. (My family is very waspy and repressed, and I’m a sensitive snowflake, so I really do remember these disagreements as actual fights. Being made to wear colours I didn’t like really, really bothered me. Which is how you know I had a very stable and secure childhood, because wearing salmon was the worst thing I had to complain about.)

I like the xoVain commenters a lot, and I think one of them is an angel from heaven because she commented with this video.

I HAD NO IDEA THIS EXISTED. I’m so sad I didn’t include it in the post! There are so many good parts, like:

  1.  This terrible song
  2. Susy is so into this blush. She doesn’t care that you don’t like it.
  3. Fashion quiz! What’s your clothing personality? I hope you’re not the classic type because  she’s “medium everything” and it sounds like waking death
  4. Remember when Dave Foley would dress up like a woman on Kids in the Hall? This woman really reminds me of that

Crush of the week: Geodesic Sweater

I am totally in love with the Geodesic pattern from Blueprints for Sewing.


via the Textillia newsletter

It’s a sweatshirt with seam lines that mimic a geodesic dome!

I’m a little obsessed with one dome in particular. Every day, I walk past Science World, a big tinfoil golf ball that contains a children’s science centre. When I moved to Vancouver in 2000, I thought Science World was ridiculous and shabby.  But after years of looking at it, Science World has grown on me and now I love it. I love it so much, I had wedding photos taken in a grimy parking lot because I liked this Science World mural.

Kat Siddle & Curtis Woloschuk's wedding

WHO’S SHABBY NOW?! (Btw, this mural was painted over a week after the wedding).

So, obviously, I’m need to make a sweater in the cool silvery tones of my local geodesic dome.

All the patterns by Blueprints for Sewing are inspired by architecture. This is a pretty great concept, and it’s bolstered by some impressively creative branding. As a one-person company, BfS probably doesn’t have a ton of resources. But the website looks great, and I felt like I understood the brand’s aesthetic almost instantly.

The woman behind BfS refers to herself only as “the pattern maker.” Her resume sounds impressive–she teaches sewing, lectures and facilitates workshops on sewing, fashion, and activism, and has “worked with students at Harvard University, Boston University, Wellesley College, and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.” Who is this mystery woman? I want to know more!