The Essential Guide to K-beauty

I wrote a review of Korean Beauty Secrets by Kerry Thompson and Coco Park on xoVain.   This book has opened up a new frontier of consumerism for me. More expensive jars of goo to put on my face! Wheee!



My 5-Minute Autopilot Face, Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

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My 5-Minute Autopilot Face, Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

I cannot get my act together right now. Dressing like other people can actually see me and getting to work on time has become a huge challenge. I’ve gone makeup-free so many times this summer, and not because I’m doing a personal challenge. Rocking bedhead is all well and good, but I’m …

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3 Beauty-Related Books for a Little End-of-Summer Intrigue

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3 Beauty-Related Books for a Little End-of-Summer Intrigue

By the end of summer, I’ve given up on beauty. My arms are tanned three different colors, I’m sick of all my clothes, and I’m tired of messing around with sunscreens. Frankly, it’s time to give up and appreciate the idea of beauty, not the practice. Here are three beauty books to inspire you during the late-summer doldrums …Continue reading

New xoVain post: 3 Nerdy Movies That Should Have Makeup Collections

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3 Nerdy Movies That Should Have Makeup Collections


Have you seen the photos of the CoverGirl’s limited edition Star Wars collection (available September 4th)? It’s not as elaborate as Reebok x FACE Stockholm’s matching sneakers and makeup, but Star Wars fans are going to psyched about the affordable-yet-spaceworthy collection. I’m not a … Continue reading

New Seamwork column: Natural oils for minimalists


I have another beauty column in Seamwork, the excellent online sewing magazine published by Colette. This month, I’m talking about simplifying your skincare routine with natural oils.


This issue also features a pattern for a the Mojave dress, an empire-waist kaftan. I think this will be my first Seamwork sewing project … I think it’ll really flattering and easy to wear! I used to have a plum-colored jersey dress like this and I wore it out. It worked in the summer, it worked in the winter, it worked for work and weekends … what’s not to like?



New beauty icon: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

If I could have any beauty-enhancing surgery, I think I’d opt for a skin transplant from the Flamboyant Cuttlefish–but only on my eyelids. I could go from a smoky eye to a bright highlighted look in seconds, over and over and over …

According to National Geographic, these flashy ocean creatures are also known for their “bizarre behavior”, which seems a bit judgy to me. What constitutes normal cephalopod behavior, anyways? Maybe the Flamboyant Cuttlefish is just tired from being so fierce all the time.