Seamwork Magazine

I’ve written many Handmade Beauty columns for Seamwork Magazine.

I first became interested in making my own skincare products in the mid-90s, when I was a teenager. Back then, recipes were pretty easy to find but ingredients were hard to source. You couldn’t buy herbs on the internet, and I grew many of my own plants for making skin and haircare products.

Now, it’s easy to find ingredients, and it’s easy to buy natural beauty products in mainstream stores. It’s also easy to spend a lot of money on simple products in beautiful packaging.

I’m a skincare junkie. I love a sleek bottle and a well-designed label. But my skincare budget only stretches so far. I can’t afford every oil, powder, or mask I want … so I make my own!

My Seamwork columns are inspired by those simple, high-end products that you can easily make yourself–for a fraction of the price. Using my DIY recipes, you can create products that are effective, safe and luxurious.